This catalog, created in cooperation with Natalia Kapsa, a polish photographer, was our visual experiment.

For a period of 18 days, from 18.01 to 16.02.2021, at 11:01, we took photos simultaneously in two remote locations in Steinsland in Norway and Szubin in Poland.

The idea behind this project was not to pre-plan, but to record a certain state. Although the images were images of our surroundings and subjective thoughts, they can be read as reflections on how we experience the relationship between us, place and time.
This experiment took place in a time of isolation caused by the COVID pandemy. For me, it is also an expression of my frustrations and a need to be with people in “real”.

Resonance - registered regardless of spatial distance.

Language: Polish & English
Format: 29x38cm
Edition of 2 

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