“This practice puts me in a strange position, where I operate more as an instrument of certain conditions rather than exectute a rigid program. My works are about time and places, about environemental sound that becomes space. I observe but don’t find words to describe my affections and realtions to what I See, instead I use abstraction which is build upon layers of textures, mark making and engages body into a sequences of conditioned reactions.”

Dorota Anna Dunajska / b.1976, Gdansk, Poland / is an architect and visual artist.
She holds a Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Gdansk in Poland, 2002.
She has been working on major development projects in Central London, developing among others Master Plan for the Paddington Basin Area, as well as many residential and mixed use schemes.
2005-2006 she gained Level 2 Certificate in Design and Crafts in Ceramics from City & Guilds, London and in 2004 accomplished Children’s Book Illustration course at St. Martin’s College of Art in London.
Between 2017-2019 she has got her second Master Degree in Visual Communication, with the participatory research project ‘a state of becoming’. 
The project focused on finding new ways of exchanging knowledge between designers and non - designers.
Since then Dorota is developing her own freelance practice as an artists and designer through self-initiated projects and in cooperations with organisations and individual artists.

Exhibitions / Teaching / Publications / Design and production
Center for Contemporary Dance in Gdansk, MA project Exhibition in Architecture, Polytechnic of  Gdansk, Poland, 2002
Transformation Exhibition, Willesden Green Art Center, London, UK, 2002
Teaching Ceramics - Throwing at Gdansk School of Art 2011
Colors from The World, Public Art Installation design in cooperation with Bergen Kommune and Hyssingen Produksjonsskole, 2017
Power Object Exhibition, KMD, UiB, Bergen, Norway 2017
Student Member of the Admissions Committee for BA at Design Department of Visual Communication at the University of Bergen, 2018
State of becoming, MA project in design Exhibition, KMD, UiB, Bergen, Norway, 2019
Kunstmarkedet Sale Exhibition, Gallery CM7, Bergen, Norway, 2019
Bøygen Publication, Lyd, Oslo, Norway 2019

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