CFTW Installation

Date: 2017

Public Art Installation design and production in cooperation with Bergen Kommune and Hyssingen Produksjonsskole 

The main idea of the installation was to introduce the concept behind the Colors From The World organisation and to bring public’s attention to the problem of children’s poverty.
Designed Structure represents the INVISIBILITY of Children. Children’s artworks fill these frames, metaphorically reffering to their creativity and potentials.

Physically structure consist of 24 wooden frame Cubics( 40x40x40cm ), painted white and two pillars made of painted white plywood boxes. Both pillars stabilise the structure and constitute a background for informative part of the installation. Drawings were printed on white plexiglass.

The whole Structure was assembled in situ / Festplass in Bergen/ with ready-build CUBES for the period of 4 weeks.

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