“Spatial and temporal coordinates are only elements of language that the observer uses to describe his surroundings.”

Mendel Sach

People travel to find inspirations, it is a specific state of mind when we are very willing to reconsider the habits of acting and thinking.

Høylandsskjeret, will disappear under the North Sea in about 70 years due to rising see level.

According to: https://www.kartverket.no/til-sjos/se-havniva/kart

This coastline due to its natural, unbuild character is not protected by any institutional regulations and will become naturally inaccessible.
I am documenting this piece of land through a series of cyanotypes depicting the vegetation, terrain, garbage, feathers, dead parts of birds, basically everything that comes and goes from there over time.  
Each abstract, visual documentation is described in details through geographical location, date and exact time.

This project is an attempt to redefine the perception of a place as in tourism. To shift the focus from the location, to time through which the place could be experienced.

This series is designed as a “souvenir card”.

Medium: Cyanotype on Rives Design 250g/m2 paper
Place:Høylandskjeret, Øygarden, Norway Year:2021-ongoing

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